MINI-MAGNUM Roof Mount Mini-Lightbar

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MINI-MAGNUM Roof Mount Mini-Lightbar

$249.95 $139.95

Features 6-lightheads consisting of 24 high-output Gen 3 TIR4 LEDs, eight flash patterns, lighter plug for power, and a heavy-duty aluminum base.

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Product Description

The Mini-Magnum™ is a Magnetic Roof-Mount Light Bar Consisting of 24 Generation 3 H.O. TIR4 LEDs.


The Mini-Magnum™ Offers Eight Selectable Flash Patterns. It is ideal for volunteer firefighters, EMTs, off-duty police officers, security vehicles, chase cars, snow plows, vehicles in tow, etc.


  1. Six light heads consisting of 24 Generation 3 High Output TIR4 LEDs (sometimes called Generation 4)
  2. 360° visibility!
  3. Cigarette lighter plug with long coil cord.
  4. Two super-strong neodymium cluster magnets with silicone rubber covers to a prevent scratching vehicle’s paint
  5. Eight selectable flash patterns
  6. Pattern switch on lighter plug
  7. Clear polycarbonate dome
  8. Heavy-duty aluminum base
  9. Optional LED colors
  10. 12 volts DC / 24 total watts
  11. Dimensions: 12″ wide x 6″ deep x 3″ high



Mini-Magnum bottom

Two large, heavy-duty magnets on aluminum base of Mini-Magnum™
A dealer on eBay is selling a copy of the Mini-Magnum™, with a made-up name, for $200.
Why pay more for a copy??

Retail Price: $249.95
Your Price: $ Only $139.95!:

Please add $19.99 for shipping, handling & insurance for the first Dash-Flash® Mini-Magnum™ LED Emergency Light ordered
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To ensure your light arrives undamaged, insurance is included.
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