MAGNUM™ Roof-Mount Mini-Lightbar


MAGNUM™ Roof-Mount Mini-Lightbar

$499.95 $229.95

Features14-light heads with 56 high output Generation 3 TIR 4 LEDS, eight flash patterns, lighter plug with lighted on/off switch, and 4 adjustable magnetic mounting feet.

(Note: The “Red-White” Magnum has only 4 white light heads, two in the front and one on each side. The rest, including all in the back, are red)

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Product Description

The Magnum™ is a LARGE Magnetic Roof-Mount Mini-Light Bar Consisting of Fifty-Six Generation 3 H.O. TIR4 LEDs, sometimes called Generation 4.


The Magnum™ Offers Eight Selectable Flash Patterns. It is ideal for volunteer firefighters, EMTs, off-duty police officers, security vehicles, chase cars, snow plows, vehicles in tow, etc.



  1. Fourteen (14) light heads (as many as some full-size lightbars) consisting of 56 Generation 3 High Output TIR4 LEDs
  2. 360° visibility!
  3. Cigarette lighter plug with 9′ of cord.
  4. Four adjustable strong neodymium cluster magnets with silicone rubber covers to a prevent scratching vehicle’s paint (Not recommended for highway speeds)
  5. Eight selectable flash patterns
  6. Separate Pattern switch on lighter plug (“remembers” last pattern selected)
  7. Clear polycarbonate dome
  8. Heavy-duty aluminum base
  9. Optional LED colors
  10. 12 volts DC / 56 total Watts
  11. Dimensions: 24″ wide x 11.8″ deep x 2.4″ high
  12. Shipping weight: 15 lbs.

Magnum Plug2

Magnum Lighter Plug with Lighted On/Off and Pattern Switches


Watch video of the Magnum™ in a room brightly lit by daylight:


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ALL manufacturers of magnetic-mount lightbars caution against the use of the magnets alone on a moving vehicle.
When used properly, the Magnum™ Tie-Down Kit can allow the Magnum™ to be used on a moving vehicle at reasonable street speeds.

The Kit is comprised of:

  1. Two (2) 3′-long cam buckle straps with a hook on one end and a vinyl-coated flat gutter hook on the other end. The gutter hook has a screw hole to permit it to be screwed to the gutter, if necessary.

  2. Two (2) threaded eye-bolts that attach to the Magnum™ and accept the round hook from the ratchet straps.


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