Dash Cam™ Micro-DVR / Camera


Dash Cam™ Micro-DVR / Camera

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The Dash-Flash® Dash Cam™ is a reasonably-priced micro DVR and camera that features a 120 degree lens and a time – date stamp
that records onto a standard SD card.


Product Description

The Dash-Flash® Dash Cam™ is a completely self-contained micro mobile video camera and recorder. It comes with a suction cup bracket that permits it to be mounted to your vehicle’s windshield and continually record everything in front of the vehicle.

Its flip-down 2.5″ color TFT screen allows you to aim and monitor the view seen by its 120-degree camera. It offers a time/date stamp to prove when the video was recorded. See “Features”, below:



  1. Records on SD cards up to 32 GB (recommend class 8 or class 10 SD cards for best video recording. Sold below.)
  2. Cigarette lighter plug with 6′ of cord
  3. Time and Date Stamp Built in
  4. Turns on automatically when car is started
  5. Built-in Microphone (audio can be turned on or off)
  6. AVI Movie Format can be viewed on any computer
  7. Recording resolution: 640×480 / 1280×960
  8. Low-light Capable
  9. USB 2.0 Interface
  10. Comes with Suction Cup Mounting Bracket
  11. Dimensions: 3 7/8″ long x 2 1/2″ wide. Only 1″ thick!


I am a full-time police detective, and former K-9 officer and volunteer firefighter. I have a $5000 video system in my patrol car. While the Dash-Flash® Dash Cam™ does not offer all of the features of that system, it is certainly a viable alternative for departments or individuals who cannot afford to pay for such an elaborate system.
The Dash-Flash® Dash Cam™ will record what is seen through your windshield continuously onto an inexpensive SD card (not included). When the card is full, it will begin recording over the previous video. You merely have to stock a few SD cards to save each day’s video, if you wish to.
You could also just let the Dash Cam™ keep recording until an event occurs and remove the card or download the video at that time.
The Dash Cam™ also features a time and date stamp so that the video may be used as evidence in court for traffic violators, DUI’s, for Field Training, etc. It can also prove invaluable if you’re involved in a collision that is not your fault.
Click to view an actual video taken by the Dash Cam:

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Please add $14.99 for shipping & insurance for each Dash-Flash® Dash Cam Pro™ ordered(Continental U.S. Only. CANADIAN CUSTOMERS: You will be billed an additional $8.00 for International Shipping)
To ensure your light arrives undamaged, insurance is included.
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ONLY $19.95 when purchased with a Dash Cam™!

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Note: 32 GB SDHC card will ONLY be sold with a Dash Cam™. Any orders for the card that are not accompanied by an order for a Dash Cam™ will be cancelled. Limit of two micro-SD cards per Dash Cam™. 

Adata SD cards warranteed by Adata: www.adatausa.com Phone: 1-888-962-3282 x604 Email: support@adatausa.com


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